Grand Challenge Fund-63

KnowTex is a research project conceptualized by a team of faculty members at NTU in collaboration with the partner institutes NEDUET-Karachi and BUITEM-Quetta. The project has been awarded to NTU with a grant of PKR 207 million. KnowTex is designed to uplift the whole value chain of Pakistan’s textile industry by indigenization, introducing knowledge-based textiles, productivity enhancement, branding, showcasing, and policy recommendation. KnowTex involves multiple industries as stakeholders to ensure real-time implementation. Governmental organizations and industrial associations are also onboard to ensure adoption, showcasing, and policy recommendations. KnowTex will significantly impact the socio-economic development of a country by uplifting exports by one billion USD, 0.1 million new jobs, product diversification, extraction of fibers from local resources (hemp, Balochi wool), upgradation of local machinery, seeding of 10-15 startups, and development of the Pakistan textile portal.